Curriculum 2

So, I'm still not sure at all what to think of the new season of Yumeiro Patissiere and I find myself kind of missing the quirks characteristic of Season 1... nevertheless, here the curriculum for Ichigo's fourth year at St. Marie's Academy (season 2).  Since they go a lot more in to inventing sweets rather than doing classics that I can follow, I will be able to do far fewer of the sweets from this season and will be having a lot of NREO posts.

NREO = no recipe, eye-candy only

Recette 1 - Team Ichigo Breaks Up (解散!チームいちご)
     - Johnny's "Cowboy" Doughnut NREO
Recette 2 - Johnny and Maize! (ジョニーとメイズ) 
     - Andoh's Japanese Confectionary on World Sweet's Avenue
     - Mamedaifuku
Recette 3 - New Team Ichigo! (新チームいちご?) 
     - World Sweet's Avenue NREO
     - Mookcakes, Sweet Chestnuts, Almond Tofu, Mango Pudding
     - Baumkuchen, Stollen, Sachertorte
     - Gelato
     - Brownie, Chifon Cake, Cotton Candy
     - Ichigo's Patisserie, Makoto's Chocolatier, Cafe de Lemon, Johnny's NREO
Recette 4 - Chance Loss and Disposal Loss! (チャンスロスと廃棄ロス) 
     - Rumi-san's Dancing Jonathan Apples
     - Ichigo's Strawberry Tart
     - Andoh's Redesigned Japanese Shop
Recette 5 - The Spirits Expedition to the Unexplored! (スピリッツで秘境探険!)