Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rotating Shops

So for their first week of being open, the new team decides to rotate shops to determine who will be the new leader via highest sales... but none of them seem to do very well at all.

Ichigo's Patisserie

 It had a very cute homy feel that welcomed families but it's stock seemed entirely focused around berry cakes, tarts, puddings, and other pastries where the main ingredient is strawberry.

Makoto's Chocolatier

It had a more urban feel for more sophisticated tastes since Makoto wanted customers who could tell the difference in his technique.

Cafe de Lemon

 Lemon wanted an open air shop like the one's in Paris that bring people together.  Cafe Lemon tended to be a very lemon-centric shop just like the others... does anybody else find it funny how everybody has a namesake-flavor that they specialize in?


Johhny's is a very themepark-like restaurant which only seems to serve one thing - Cowboy!  Also, his costumes give quite a laugh.  I find it really quite hilarious how they view American's in this show.

Original Sketches

Their Original Shop Idea Sketches... hahaa!

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