I've been doing a lot of research and hard work on the material for the site and I'm learning so much about everything from French cooking terms to how different ingredients work together.  If you would like to take on a few entries yourself, be sure to let me know so that I can make you a co-author!
Recipe Entries Currently Under Construction:
Honey Souffle, Rosewater Pound Cake, Sachetorte, Cheesecake

This Week's Kitchen:
Rosewater Poundcake

Next Week's Kitchen:
Profiterole (Choux Creme)

Kitchen Complete:
Chocolat Chaud, Omurice, Crepes, Mille Crepes (Plain, Stawberry), Madeleines (Lemon, Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange, Matcha, Stawberry), Pudding, Rose Water Poundcake

Project Started September 1, 2010

This updates bulletin last updated: November 4, 2010