Saturday, October 30, 2010

World Sweets Avenue Opening

Here is a tribute to some of the food Ichigo and Johnny find during the opening of the World Sweets Avenue - the first street on St. Marie's Garden to officially open.  Since some of these are more identifiable, I may actually attempt to make some of these!  I know that I've done the recipe already for the German sweets recipe for Baumkuchen and will be attempting a Sachertorte soon!  ;)

 Mooncakes, Sweet Chestnuts, Almond Tofu, and Mango Pudding
from the shop Shanghai Sweets

Baumkuchen, Stollen, and Austrian Sachertorte
from the German sweets shop

Gelato and some kind of tart or pie from France/Italy/Spain

 Then Johnny got all in a tizzy over the American shop, Candy Pop, and how since it is a land of immigrants, they've brought in food from all over the world but do have a few that are American originals.

Brownie, Chiffon Cake, and Cotton Candy
from the American sweets shop

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