Story and Series

Amano Ichigo is a second-year middle school student who's sister is a prodigy at the piano.  Having no particular talents herself, she does posses an infallible palate and an insatiable appetite for sweets.  One day, she happens upon a dessert showcase and finds herself intrigued by the flavor of a pastry that reminds her of something her grandmother, a famous pastry chef, used to make for her.  She finds that the chef who made the pastry is Henri Lucas Sensei, who is actually the grandson of the founder for St. Marie's Academy in France - the same school that her grandmother studied at!  Invited by Henri Sensei, Ichigo goes to study at the St. Marie Academy's Japan Campus to study the making of incredible pastries.  Her only real goal as she struggles through all of the tasks placed upon her is to make people smile.  She is also assisted by a Sweets Farie named Vanilla who herself is aspiring to become a pastry chef but for the royal court of the Queen in the Sweets Kingdom!

Originally written as a manga, the story was billeted to become an anime (Japanese cartoon) series that is currently running in Japan.  Episodes with English subtitles can be found all over the internet if you would like to watch the show.

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