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The Glossary

These scans are by Cookie Dough.

bonbon: French word meaning "good" since children supposedly touted "good good" as then ate them in the 17th century. More technically, it is usually a piece made of or dipped in fondant. 1

buche de noel:


café: French word meaning coffee or a small drink shop. In the United States, this can also include any small and informal food shop that sells sandwiches and other quick fare. They can also be quick and informal discussion events. 1





oeuf: French word meaning egg.  Usually it is the egg of a chicken but can also be of another bird, reptile, amphibian or fish.  It usually contains an eggshell, albumen and vitellus along with varying other membranes for separation and protection.  It is a great source of protein and come in many varieties.  They can be prepared or used in innumerable ways, particularly as an emulsifier since the proteins in egg whites allow it to form foams and aerated dishes.  While every part of an egg is edible, usually the shells are disgarded, though me crushes as a calcium additive.  1


pièce montée: French word meaning "assembled or mounted piece." Usually associated with classical French chefs, it is usually an elaborate confectionary masterpiece. They are sometimes edible and sometimes not meant to be consumed but instead used purely for decoration. Occasionally, this word is used as a name for the croquembouche. 1


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